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The Department of Electrophysiology offers both a diagnostic electrophysiological examination of bradycardiac and tachycardiac arrhythmias and the ablation treatment of the arrhythmias listed below. Electropyhsiological examination and treatment are performed in a catheterization laboratory specially equipped for electrophysiology. For the treatment of complex cardiac arrhythmias, e.g. Atrial fibrillation, a three-dimensional mapping system is available. The treatment and follow-up will be carried out by the expert team of electrophysiology. 

Dn addition, the Department of Electropyssiology also conducts electrical cardioversion in short anesthesia for atrial fibrillation and flutter. 

The inpatient follow-up treatment after an operation takes place on our cardiology stations, which have appropriate beds with monitor monitoring.

The preparation for an elective electrophysiological examination and treatment as well as the aftercare takes place via our special consultation for cardiac arrhythmias.

For emergency patients, we can be contacted at any time via our internal emergency department.

Electrophysiological examination

An electrophysiological examination is performed in patients with cardiac arrhythmias or recurrent syncope (sudden loss of consciousness) to elucidate the mechanism of these disorders. 

For this purpose, special catheters are introduced into the heart via the inguinal vein and the arousal formation and propagation in the heart are examined by means of the electrical signals.



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